onsdag 6 april 2011

Want to know more about Justin Bieber?

2007: A dream comes true. Together with his mother, he loads up the home-made videos of himself on YouTube. Soon, more than one million people clicked on them. What started as a fun thing was the start of a great career.

2008: In October, writes Justin on his first record deal with Island Records. A star is born.

2009: July: As good as it gets: The debut single "One Time" is among the top 30 in ten different countries. October: "One Less Lonely Girl" which is the second single is out in the stores. November: Justin"s debut album "My World" is released and Justin will soon receive his first platinum disc. Respect!

2010: Januari: Finally! Now beat Justin also trough England. Everyone loves Justin. March: The first single "Baby" to the second album is released. Until today, it is his biggest hit. April: How cool! The new pop star will sing for Barack Obama at the annual Easter celebration "Easter Egg Roll" in the White House. June: Justin sings with Jaden Smith soundtrack for the movie "Karate Kid": "Never Say Never". July: The song "Somebody To Love" with Usher released. "My World 2.0", which is Justin's second album is released and breaks all records. He is the youngest artist ever, with two albums simultaneously located on the Top 5 on the U.S. pop charts. Justin is a hero in the FAME Series: The series tells of Justin's way into show business. With that, he goes into the Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's footsteps. October: "First Step 2 Forever", which is Justin's long-awaited biography, released in the U.S.A. November: My Worlds-The Collection "is released. In addition to Justin's first two albums album substantive set of nine additional hyper-relevant acoustic versions of his greatest hits. Amazing!! When prices on the American Music Awards handed out Justin wins the most prizes of all. He gets all four awards for Best Artist Of The Year, best breakthrough, Best artist pop/rock and best album pop/rock. December: In good time before Christmas, department store chain launches "Walmart" Justin's first nail polish collection.

2011: Justin is finally coming to Europe on tour. Parallel to the beginning of March his first film, "Justin Bieber 3D Never Say Never" to appear in theaters. The film tells of Justin completely private behind the scenes, videos with Justin when he was small and interviews with people who are important in Justin's life, like his mother, his mentor Usher and manager Scott Braun.

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