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How faithful is the little Canadian boy wonder Justin Bieber?

justin bieber selena gomez 266x400 How faithful is the little Canadian boy wonder Justin Bieber?
17-year-old Justin Bieber recently visited Israel, where he made it very clear that he had had enough of the paparazzi. Bieber also expressed a desire to essentially walk in the footsteps of Jesus, which hints that Selena Gomez’s chaste disposition may have had a big influence on the teen icon.
In Justin Bieber’s own words, “You would think the paparazzi would have some respect in holy places. All I wanted was the chance to walk where Jesus did here in Israel.” Yet despite Justin’s claim that he is indeed Christian, he has been evasive about having sex before marriage. According to Bieber, “I just think you should wait for the person…you’re in love with.”
However, Justin Bieber has never actually claimed to be a virgin, or to be waiting for marriage until having sex. In fact, E! reported that Bieber spent thousands of dollars at Victoria’s Secret on Valentine’s Day…around the time when rumors about his shenanigans with Selena Gomez were heating up.
In fact, Christian parents have expressed concern about the potentially negative influence of Justin Bieber on their children. The Christian Post interviewed several mothers on the issue. One concerned woman said, “If he is promoting faith in Jesus, I’m unaware of it.” Another declared, “I’m not sure he has any influence on faith. If anything, he could be a distraction.”

Fans will love JLS in 3D -X Factor bandmates

612165037 Fans will love JLS in 3D  X Factor bandmates
Fans of boy band sensation JLS will have to keep their Eyes Wide Open when they hit the big screen – for one day only.
The chart-topping stars, including Peterborough heart- throb Aston Merrygold (23), have become the first UK pop group to release a 3D concert movie.
Following in the footsteps of Canadian singer Justin Bieber (17), the X Factor bandmates will star in Eyes Wide Open 3D.
The movie will be screened at more than 180 cinemas nationwide – including Showcase Cinemas in Boongate – on Friday, June 3.
The feature-length spectacle was filmed during JLS’s sell-out London 02 Arena gig in January, and includes the boys, Aston, Marvin Humes, Oritse Williams and Jonathan “JB” Gill, performing all their hits, such as recent single Eyes Wide Shut, This Club is Alive, Love You More and Everybody In Love.
It also includes never-before-seen interviews and backstage footage.
Aston, a former pupil of Jack Hunt School in Netherton, says fans can expect to see things such as the band chilling in the dressing room before the show, and partying with the dancers and crew.
He said: “The film is a sneak peek of what JLS are like on the road, and looks at how far we’ve come in such a short space of time, thanks to all those people who support us.
“For us, it was incredible to be doing an arena tour, let alone film a 3D movie as well.
“The experience is one we will treasure for a lifetime. We just hope everyone enjoys watching and being a part of it as much as we loved making it.”
Bandmate Marvin Humes said the band decided to make the movie as “it’s another JLS first”.
He added: “Making a movie has always been on our wishlist, and now we’ve accomplished that goal.
“We want our fans to see another side to us, a more intimate side, with proper fly-on-the-wall camera stuff.
“We can’t wait for everyone to see it – it’s an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives.”
City fans will be given plenty of chance to watch the band in all their glory, with three separate showings, at 4pm, 5.50pm and 8pm.
general manager for Showcase UK Karen Fox said: “We are thrilled to be giving fans a fantastic opportunity to see JLS on the big screen in stunning 3D.
“Fans can truly see the band from the best seat in the house.”
Tickets for the movie, rated 12A, cost £10 for adults and £7 for children.
There will also be Eyes Wide Open merchandise on sale, including wristbands, 3D glasses and cases, postcards and a special edition poster.

Justin Bieber recently discovered to Be a Fan of Tila Tequila

00019938 Justin Bieber recently discovered to Be a Fan of Tila Tequila
Justin Bieber might well be a fan of Tila Tequila. It has been recently discovered that when he was only 13 years old, the “Baby” singer checked out the TV personality’s official “I Love U” music video on YouTube and shared what he has in mind over the clip, writing a comment, “um.. this should be rated R lol”.
In the same post, the Grammy-nominated singer went on to promote himself to the other YouTube users. “I’m only 13 but I sing in my videos. Check them out and let me know what you think Justin,” so he wrote using the name of kidrauhl, which links directly to his official YouTube channel.
In response to Justin’s comment, Tila said as quoted by Radar Online, “He is absolutely adorable… I can now see why so many girls have fallen head over heels in love with him.” She added, “Justin, if you’re reading this: I want to pinch your cute little cheeks! You’re doing great out there kiddo…don’t let anyone bring you down!”
When asked about possible collaboration with Justin, Tila said, “Maybe one day he and I can do a collaboration on a song together or work on a movie together.” Still, she has more interesting plan in mind, gushing “As soon as he turns 18 I’m going to ask him out!”

Justin Bieber Get a Grip! on Stage Crotch-Grabbing his pants Makes Us Wince!

040711 grab bieber 111762895110407090552 Justin Bieber Get a Grip! on Stage Crotch Grabbing his pants Makes Us Wince!Not even the teenage Michael Jackson was this obsessed with his own package.
And we hate to say it, but JB is clearly trying to unleash something of his own manhood. Whether it’s his continual refusal to zip his fly, even throughout an entire concert, or now this — on stage in Barcelona, April 6 — Bieber clearly thinks he’s read the, ahem, manual on how to act like a man on stage.
Of course, there’s also his fly-down fashion statements on the red carpet, even on the music industry’s biggest night — the Grammys!
Justin — you’re not Tom Jones (yet)! Keep it in your pants — and your hands off!
pixel Justin Bieber Get a Grip! on Stage Crotch Grabbing his pants Makes Us Wince!

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