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How much does a brand called Justin can make?

justin bieber rich How much does a brand called Justin can make?
Not many knew who Justin Bieber was three and half years ago but come present day the name Justin Bieber is one richest teen singers in the world.
Did Justin Bieber grew up with lots and lots of money? No,Raised by a single mother with limited financial resources Justin spent his childhood staying sometimes with his mother and then his father as his parents had split up when he was very young.Bieber is now a multimillionaire and likely to become more wealthier as times flies by. The estimates say that he is worth $5.5million and his earnings are at $45,000 a month but these seem very low when one takes into account his earnings from concerts, his merchandising and endorsements income and not to forget the earnings from the volume of record sales of his albums.
Since its release last march, Bieber’s My World 2.0 along with his earlier releases have reportedly topped the charts However, with his first single “ONe Time”, he has made over $250,000 in 2009. Now you can imagine how much money he makes with all the popularity he has. Don’t forget JB album was in #1 in Billboard recently. And he has many popular songs; One Less Lonely Girl, Baby, Somebody To Love, Eenie Meenie, etc.
According to some reports, Bieber makes a minimum of $300,000 per performance, yes that is per performance, just imagine if he performs twice or three times a day, this will be income for one whole year of normal person.
This sum makes Bieber highest-paid teen star and also puts him ahead of many more established singers including including Selena Gomez ($100,000), Drake ($155,000) and Jordin Sparks ($75,000).If we arithmetically start calculating his earnings in accordance with number of concerts he does across the globe, the exact number will be difficult to access his revenue and the amount he gets paid for endorsing products such as proActive, Xbox etc.It is learnt that much of the staging costs of Bieber’s tours are borne by Xbox 360, which has made product placement part of the act.
One thing is for sure the little kid from Startford, Ontario will be a very rich Canadian with in a short order.

Justin Bieber’s lost Battle on record in Youtube to Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black has ended Justin Bieber’s reign as the King of Youtube with her song ‘Friday,’ which has notched up more than 112 million views on the video sharing website.
The Canadian super star’s YouTube channel regularly tops the monthly most viewed chart.
But according to new figures from Famecount.com, the 17-year-old has been pushed into second place by Rebecca’s song on ‘Friday’, reports the BBC.
Many critics have described her heavily auto-tuned track as the worst ever, but that still helped her smash Bieber’s record by just over half a million more views than Bieber’s channel.
Lady Gaga is third most popular but with significantly lower figures than the top two.
The ‘Born This Way’ star had 86 million monthly views, followed by Black Eyed Peas (4th) and Jennifer Lopez (5th) who are both on 78 million.

Jason McCann is Justin Bieber in CSI

justin CSI Jason McCann is Justin Bieber in CSI
A teen bomber Jason McCann is Justin Bieber.
The youngster is pursuing a vendetta towards the actual team after his brother died at their hands.
By the end to a long day at the workplace, Stokes gets a call from McCann warning him about the bomb at his home.
After staring death with a backlash Stokes is grateful for the boy for saving his life but Willows thinks there’s more happening.
Why would McCann would like to spare the guy who killed his sibling?
Will he spare?

Celebs going all out for charity work

adam lambert Celebs going all out for charity work
It’s been started as a new trend among these high profile celebrities to do charity work on their birthdays.The fund raising campaigns on their birthdays has been increasingly popular in the recent past. The list includes celebrities like Justin BieberAlyssa MilanoJessica Beil and Adam Lambert to name a few.These celebs have been working for an organisation called as ‘water’, which helps fund clean water projects in the developing world.
Thousands follow these celebrities and each celebrity has done his bit to fund this project but the most talked about fund raising campaign which shadowed all the other campaigns is that of former “American Idol” runner up Adam Lambert.The idol has earlier told his fans that he wanted to raise $29,000 on his 29th birthday.As soon has he conveyed this message to his fans, donations had started pouring in. Within six hours the amount of donations reached the prescribed mark and it was increasing further, Adam was then encouraged by fans to raise the new goal to 290,000 dollars and within 24 hours, the donations had reached $60,000.
According to Look to the Stars, The fans had donated $115,000 on his actual birthday. The rush in donations had crashed the servers for most of the afternoon.
Overwhelmed by the fans responses,Lambert proudly tweeted “WOW! $323,255 raised for charity:water! Thank you all so much for your effort and support! Because of you, 16,162 people will be helped!”
The water organisation had said that Adam’s fundraiser had set records across the board.The site of the Org read “Thank, you Adam! And thanks to your devoted fans” The donations campaign was recently closed after the goal was reached.
Now the question which is tickling in every Belieber, when Adams having a fan following of few thousands can attract such an attention for donation campaign, what about the tens of thousands of fans of Justin Bieber who have the potential to change the world.
The world is waiting Beliebers!

Justin Bieber’s Media Animation Israel Visit

Justin Bieber has gotten himself into some diplomatic trouble while in Israel for a concert in Tel Aviv, and Next Media Animation is offering their take on the controversy. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu planned to meet with the 17-year-old, but declined when the Canadian pop star reportedly refused to meet Israeli kids living nearby war-torn Gaza. A source refuted the claim, saying the meeting didn’t take place due to “logistical” reasons. Bieber also chastised paparazzi on Twitter for hounding him while in the Holy Land.

pixel Justin Bieber’s Media Animation Israel Visit

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