tisdag 12 april 2011


Justin Bieber is one of today's most talented young people ... but now he is also one of the richest. It is estimated that the pop star has earned at least $ 100 million (700 million) over the last few years! Apparently Justin earns approximately $ 300,000 (approximately 2.1 million dollars) per concert, and while raking in money for albums sales, merchandise, personal appearances and lots of other things. Looks like his fortune just started too .. He has just signed a 2 year deal with an acne treatment Proactiv cream, which will earn him the entire $ 3 million (about 21 million). But while still under 18, he must follow his mother's rules. Currently, Justin is only $ 50 (about 350 million in pocket money per day, and if he does not do his homework, he curfew! Do you think Justin will be spending their money wisely ... or spend it all on the fly when he reaches 18 if less than one year?

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