söndag 10 april 2011

Justin Bieber helps launch London-Based girl band trio

Justin Bieber has helped launch the career of a London trio. New girl band SoundGirl was chosen last month to open for the Canadian tween heartthrob on the U.K. leg of his tour.
Olivia (17), Izzy (16), and Little Nikki (14) formed their group last year. They met Justin when they stayed at the same Los Angeles hotel with the singer.
Olivia told the Daily Record, “We had found out Justin was staying in our hotel when we were recording the album last year. We knocked on various doors trying to find him then we knocked on one door and found out it was Justin’s room.”
“We got a picture with him, then he came to meet us before he checked out. We never thought we’d see him again but when he came to London we met him again and he offered us the tour.”
Justin was impressed with the girls. He told his Twitter followers that “Soundgirl are hot.”
And by opening for the young crooner, Soundgirl’s followers increased from 2000 to 12,000.
The oldest Soundgirl added, “We have just finished the tour dates with Justin who we spent loads of time with. He is such a megastar, we didn’t expect to see him. But it was the complete opposite. We were with him and Willow Smith and they were pulling pranks which were so funny.”
“Justin is the biggest act in the world yet so supportive. It is incredible. He has given us the thumbs-up. He really likes us.”

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